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Low Risk Drinking

Adult Programs

Low Risk Drinking

Adults are often told to "drink responsibly" or "know when to say when" but what does that mean?  Our Low Risk Drinking Initiative aims to educate adults on alcohol and ways to lower the risk of consequences of high consumption.  

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Diversion programming

Our ACCESS department offers programs to satisfy court requirements for OVI and petty theft charges.  Both of these programs are confidential, respectful and offer an educational approach.  Visit the site for up-to-date information on schedules.

DUI: Established in 1984, our 72-Hour OVI Program is the longest operating Driver Intervention Program in Southwestern Ohio. Our program is certified by the State of Ohio and meets court requirements for a OVI while avoiding jail time.  Offered in hotels around the area, this program offers education and  reflection.

Cost varies based on hotel and whether you chose single, double or triple occupancy. 

Petty Theft: The Petty Theft and Bad Check Writing Program is an educational intervention format for local offenders. It is an alternative to continued criminal prosecution at the discretion of the court.

Many courts and attorneys are using this format as an alternative to jail and criminal processing of petty theft and bad check writing offenses.

The program is offered bi-monthly at 2935 Hamilton-Mason Road in Hamilton, Ohio. The cost of the program is $95 per person. Class time is from 5:30pm until 9:30pm.