Know! Tips

Posted on: July 9, 2015
Tags: ParentingDrugs, Alcohol

Know! provides parents (or grandparents and other caregivers) with twice monthly, FREE Know! Parent Tips via email that contain current facts about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as action steps they can take to help children resist peer pressure to use. 

Know! aims to increase parental:

  • Awareness that every child is at-risk for using substances;
  • Knowledge about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs;
  • Conversations with children about the importance of non-use.

Children whose parents talk early and often about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use are 50 percent less likely to use in the first place (The Partnership at, 2005).

"93% of parents say that as a result of receiving Know! Parent Tips, they have learned something new about alcohol, tobacco or other drugs " - 2012 Know! Parent Survey

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